West Georgia Habitat for Humanity has a Home Repair Program, which includes Critical Home Repair, Brush with Kindness, and Weatherization

  • Habitat for Humanity’s Home Repair Program is a nation-wide program serving lower income homeowners who struggle to maintain the interior and/or exterior of their homes.
  • We focus on minor and major home improvements such as painting, minor repairs, and clean-up. Groups of volunteers work together to repair a home.
  • The Program serves lower income homeowners selected on the basis of need, ability to repay a no-interest loan, and willingness to partner with Habitat.
  • We strive to use local volunteers, donated materials, and no-interest loans to make improvements and repairs that help lower income homeowners continue to live independently and securely in their homes.
  • The Home Repair Program is part of Habitat’s Neighborhood Repair Initiative. This initiative is a holistic approach, assisting communities as well as families. It is designed to revitalize the appearance of the neighborhood, encourage connections within the community, and help preserve affordable housing stock.

By completing the form below, you are requesting assistance for a Home Repair Program project through West Georgia Habitat for Humanity. 

Please be sure to fill out all required fields. This is  NOT a Home Repair Program application.  Please note that funding is limited for this program and typically repair costs must be less than $1000. We are unable to replace roofs or HVAC units through this program.