Need – The applicant’s family must be living under inadequate housing conditions. This may include the family being burdened by excessively high rent, over-crowding, structural problems with residence and/or inadequate utilities, etc.

Willingness to Partner – The applicant(s) must be willing to participate in the Habitat Program as a partner in building the family’s home and those of others. 200-300 hours of “Sweat Equity” are required once an applicant has been board approved and must be completed before move-in. 100 of those hours may be completed by friends and family of a single-applicant family. The applicant is required to complete at least 40 hours at the construction site and complete Financial Peace University’s 9-week course.

Residency – The applicant(s) must be legal citizen(s) or permanent residents of the U.S. and must have lived or worked in Carroll or Haralson County for a period of at least 12 months consecutively prior to applying.

Ability to Pay – Ability to qualify for and repay a low interest loan. The applicant’s family must have total household income that is between 30 – 60% of the current HUD Median Income Guidelines for the Carroll or Haralson County areas, adjusting for family size. The applicant’s income alone must be sufficient to pay for a Habitat mortgage as well as things such as utilities and a $250 down payment. Income need not be job-related, but may include disability, Social Security, alimony or child support. The applicant family must be able to qualify for a mortgage.


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Income Qualification

Family of 1

Min. Income: $15,750
Max. Income: $33,660

Family of 2

Min. Income: $18,000
Max. Income: $37,400

Family of 3

Min. Income: $20,780
Max. Income: $41,140

Family of 4

Min. Income: $25,100
Max. Income: $44,880

Family of 5

Min. Income: $29,420
Max. Income: $47,872

Family of 6

Min. Income: $32,800
Max. Income: $50,864

Family of 7

Min. Income: $35,050
Max. Income: $53,856

Family of 8

Min. Income: $37,300
Max. Income: $56,848