Self-Reliance Builder $100,000

Stability Builder $50,000

Strength Builder $25,000


Roof Raiser $5000+

Greg and Leanna Schulenburg

Clint Miller
Southeast Siding

LaJuana and Phil Wilkins

Wall Raiser $2500+

Teresa and Chuck Wright

Ricky Arthur Cabinets

Precision Painting & Coatings

Holloway Floors & Ceilings

Ground Breaker $1000+

Aaron and Kathy Strickland

Jared and Andrea Jones

Cisco and Lauren Baldizon

John and Robyn Grillo

Lisa and Scott Robison

Grace Lutheran Church

Clay and Rebecca Castleberry

John Ayers

Sheree and Marty Srader

Russell and Shanna Floyd

Kurt and Beth Hennelly

Randy and Penny Ayers